Season One

Version 1 (24 January 2018) – First publication of the TEKKEN 254 Circuit Rules and Regulations.

Season Two

Version 2 (3 July 2018) – Summary of updates from Version 1:

  • Included "Definitions" section to provide clarity on terms used in the document

  • All sets prior to the Winners' Final now played on a FT2 basis; Winners' Final, Losers' Final and Grand Final (including potential reset) played on a FT3 basis

  • Points system and tiebreakers overhauled

  • Playoff sets introduced to enable precise tournament placings

  • Stage selection must now be random at all times

  • Players now briefed on tournament schedules by email at least 24 hours prior

  • Players to be disqualified for missing two tournaments without prior communication to organisers

  • Competition split into Premier and Challenger Divisions, each with unique competition formats and connected by a promotion/relegation system

  • Introduced minimum age of 13, with minors required to provide a signed letter of consent from a parent/legal guardian prior to competition and/or be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian to events

  • Organisers now entitled to 75% of any prize money won

Version 3 (29 July 2018) – Summary of updates from Version 2:

  • Previous Circuit logo replaced with current logo

  • Use of character customisations now banned

  • Medium of pre-tournament briefing of players changed to the TEKKEN 254 Circuit WhatsApp group (players added by default upon registration)

Season Three

Version 4 (5 January 2019) – Summary of updates from Version 3:

  • Minor change to the definition for the term "Qualifiers"

  • Number of qualifiers players allowed to miss over the course of a season increased from two to three

  • Changes to language to reflect Season Three as the current season

  • Minor grammatical corrections

Season Four

Version 5 (12 October 2019) – Summary of updates from Version 4:

  • Minor additions and change to definitions

  • Specifications on "Player Equipment" included

  • Organisers now entitled to 80% of any prize money won

  • Changes to language to reflect Season Four as the current season

  • Promotion/relegation system (Premier and Challenger Divisions) terminated

  • Pool Stage format changed from round-robin to double-elimination; playoff sets removed

  • Rules on character presets (Tekken 7 Season 3) added

  • Stage selection rules changed

  • Double blind character selection introduced

  • Code of Conduct introduced

  • Legal sections (Appearance Release, Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability, Disputes, Indemnification, Force majeure, Invalidity) introduced

  • Minor grammatical corrections and formatting changes

Version 6 (25 January 2020) – Summary of updates from Version 5:

  • Updated points system

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