Punishing Devil Jin's Rage Drive (-14) with 100% Consistency

Some moves may whiff due to the iffy recovery animation.


Akuma b+1xx or d/f+1,2 Alisa f+3,2 or Rage Art

Asuka u/f+2 or d/b+1,2

Bob f+2,3 or d/f+1,2

Bryan f,b+2

Claudio b+2 or d+1+2 or d/f+3...

Devil Jin b+1,2 or d/f+1,2 or d/f+4,4

Dragunov d/b+2,1 or b+3

Eddy b+2,4

Feng b+1+2 or RD

Gigas d/f+3,1 or 3

Heihachi f+1+2 or 3,4 or d,f+1,2

Hwoarang u/f+3+4,4 or 4,4 or 4,3

Jack-7 1,1 or d/f+3+4

Jin f+1+2 orRage Art

Josie f+1+2 or f+2,4

Katarina 3,3,3,3,3

Kazumi 1+2 or u/f+2 or Rage Drive if you're nasty

Kazuya b+1,2

King b+2,1 or d/f+1,2

Kuma f+2,1 or d+1+2

Lars f,b+2,1 or f+2,4 or f+1+4

Law 3+4,4 or b+4,3

Lee f+2,1

Leo f+2,2 or b+3,1 or Rage Drive if you're nasty

Lili f+2,3

Ling 3 or b+4,4

Lucky Chloe 2:2 or d/f+3,3

Master Raven b+4,4 or d/b+2,1

Miguel f+1+2 into SAV2

Nina f+3 or d/f+3,f+4

Paul b+3 or Rage Drive if you're nasty

Shaheen f,b+2 or d/b+2,1 or Rage drive

Steve Rage Art or Rage Drive (d/f+2+3), d/f+1+2 or b+1,2

Yoshimitsu Rage Drive or b+2,2


Anna d/f+3,f+4 or f+2,3 or f+2+3 or Rage Art (don't mash) Armor King CD2 or f+1+4 or b+1,2

Eliza 2,2xxSRK2

Fahkumram b+1 into f,f+2,1 or b+2,1

Ganryu f+1+2 or f,f+1+2 for the clout

Geese 1+2 (into b+2 or into Raigou Reppuu Ken followed by iWR1)

Julia f,f+3... or d/f+3,1+2 or f,f+1,4

Lei 3,3 or 1+2,1

Leroy 1+2,1+2,1 or u/f+3+4,1+2

Marduk d/f+4,2 or b+4 or f,f+2

Negan 1+2 or d/f+4,2

Noctis b+3,1

Zafina d/f+3,4 into d/b+4,2 or Rage Drive


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