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Davy Kamanzi

Also known by his pseudonym DVK, Davy is a Kenyan-Rwandese web developer, content creator and fighting game player. He founded TEKKEN 254 in mid-2017 and currently serves as the director of connectivity, tech and community relations at Ace Pro Sports Technologies. He is also a competitor on the Savanna Circuit and Savanna Fight Night.

Outside of gaming, Davy is also an active comedian and musician, releasing content regularly on his social media channels.

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Parry, reversal, and sabaki: What's the difference?

A detailed explanation of parries, reversals, and sabakis in Tekken.


Nerd Hub Kenya announces Tekken 7 competition

The newly-opened gaming establishment in Karen, Nairobi will be staging its first Tekken tournament towards the end of July.


Tekken Online Challenge returns for 2021 with African involvement

The second season of the Tekken Online Challenge is set to begin on 1 June 2021, with Dojo and Master events for all 14 regions.


Kiungo Games announced as second African TWT stop for 2020 season

With the release of Fahkumram as the final character for Tekken 7 Season 3 also around the corner, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Twitch revealed the locations for the 2020 season of the Tekken World Tour (TWT).


TWT set for first ever African stop as Cape Town Showdown is announced for 2019 season

Following the recent return of Julia Chang and the introduction of Negan to Tekken 7, fans had even more to be excited about Tuesday as Bandai Namco Entertainment and Twitch jointly announced the return of the Tekken World Tour (TWT) for 2019.


Goodbye PR1EST, Hello Kolovrat

William Omondi, better known (previously) as PR1EST, announced in an Instagram post that he will be known henceforth as Kolovrat (or AlphaPlay | Kolovrat).


Update: Season Two of the TEKKEN 254 Circuit

As many of you are aware, planning for Season Two is ongoing and has been even before the conclusion of Season One earlier this year.