Beating Bob's 2,1,4 (all characters)

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Bryan Fury stepping Bob's 2, 1, 4 to the right

This list is based on version 4.20 of Tekken 7. You can watch the accompanying video below and use the tables below for reference.

Base characters

Character Easy Hard Wall Rage art Rage drive SWL Evasive move Notes
Alisa b+4,4,3+4 (1,2,1) and f+3,2 ff+1+2 and d+3+4 2,4 Yes Yes Yes -  
Asuka d/f+2,1+2 and b+3 lol SS2 and d/b+1,2 Yes No No -  
Bob d/b+1+2 into b+2 or b+2,2,4,4 CD1 and u/f+2,3,3+4,4 u/f+1+2,1+2 No No No b,f+1  
Bryan SS1 or SWR 3,3,2 f,b+2 SS1 or 1+2,2 Yes Yes No -  
Claudio f+3+4 into 3+4 or 2,1,2 SSR dash uf4 b+1 or b+4,2 Yes Yes No b+3+4  
Devil Jin SS2 or d+3+4 EWGF or SWR d/f+3,2,4 f+3 or f+1+2 Yes Yes No b+3  
Dragunov d/f+2 (don’t double tap sidestep) - b+1+2, u/f+1 or b+4,3 Yes In Theory Yes qcb2  
Eddy SS3+4 b+2,3,3 SS2 into b+2,4 Yes Yes Yes b+1+2 and d/b+3+4 both at wall  
Feng f+3,4 or f+1+2 - f+3,4 or f+1+2 No No No u/f+2 and b,f+1  
Gigas d+2 b+1 Launch into throw Yes Sure No -  
Heihachi b+3,3 or b+1+2,1+2 EWGF or ff2 f+2,3 or b+2 No Yes No d/b+1+2 even at wall)  
Hwoarang d/f+2 and b+3 JFSR d/f+2 and b+3 No Yes but No Point No b+1 Don’t use f+3
Jack-7 d/f+2 and d/b+1+2 f,f+1+2 d/f+2 and f+1+2 Yes No (Too Slow) No - Can’t SWR but can SSR
Jin d+3+4 EWHF, CD1 EWHF, CD1, b+4 Yes Yes No Parry Parry is only +14
Josie d/f+2 and b+1+2 CD2 d/f+2 and f+2,4 No Yes No b+3+4 inconsistently Can sidewalk to back easily
Katarina 3,3,3,3,3 or d/f+3,3 into u/b+4 SWR u/f+4,4 or ff2,4 (both need specific timing) 3,4 Yes No No b+3+4 inconsistently Very Poor Options
Kazumi u/f+4 and f+3~f, 2   d/f+1,2 and 3,1 Yes Yes No d/b+1+2 inconsistently  
Kazuya SS3 or iWS1,2 EWGF, ff3, iWS2 d/f+1,f+2 Yes Don’t No -  
King SS2 Immediate u/f+4 ord/b+2 f+2,1 or b+2,1 or f+4 No Yes No    
Kuma d/f+2,1 or f+1+2 or b,f+2 ff2 f+2,1 or d+1+2 Yes Yes No -  
Lars f+1+2 (not recommended),all launchers except uf4 f,b+2,1 (recommended) f+2,4 or f,b+2,1 No No No d/b+1+2  
Law d/f+2 and SS3+4 junkyard on the side   No Yes (Don’t) No b+3+4 Punishing on this axis is beneficial to Law
Lee f+3,3,3,3,3,4 or SS3+4 d/f+3,2,3 on the side f,f+3 Yes Yes No - Other launchers work if done immediately
Leo d/f+2 or SS1+2 f,f+4,3   No Yes No d/b+3 Armour move too slow to punish
Lili d+3+4 (recommended) d/f+3+4 or iWS2 (recommended) 2,4 or f+2,3 Yes Yes YES b+1+2 (strict timing) She can sidestep both sides very easily
Lucky Chloe d/f+3,3 or 2:2 (hard)f+4,4 or 3,4 on the side   Yes Yes No f+1+2 and d/b+1+2 (recommended) launchers are very inconsistent and give bad combos
Master Raven immediate d/f+2 (no 3) or f+4 or b+2,2 on the side qcf4 or ff3 (not recommended) into f+1+2 f+3,2 or f+2,3 Yes No No b+1+2  
Miguel d/f+2,1 f,f+3 f+2,1 or f+4,2 (avoid f+1+2) Yes Only Immediately Yes - Punishes must be immediate (which is possible because of his good movement) and will always be off axis
Nina Immediate d/f+2 or all her launchers f+2,1,4 on the side for proper axis f+3 Yes Yes (No Sidewalk) No - Everything meaningful works. Don’t go for d/f+3,4 string though.
Paul f,f+3 qcb3,2,3 into b4 or qcf3 u/b+2 or f+1+2 into d+1+2 Yes No No b,f+2 and f+1+4 don’t use demo man or qcf+3+4.
Shaheen d/b+4 into 4,1, d/b+2 SNK 4,1 or d/f+2 into d/b+2 or 2,3 b+1 into f,b+2 (unless they duck) d/f+2 Yes Yes No - Avoid using d/b+2,1, f,b+2 and u/f+4. Learn the off axis combos very well.
Steve b+1,2 or qcf1 Deep step: u/b+2, (if they don’t duck) 2,1~f PXB1,2,1 4 DKR 2 or qcf1 Yes No No 4 b+2 into d/f+1+2 works. Sometimes you get a situational combo with d+2,1 f+3~2
Xiaoyu u/b+3+4 f+3,1,1+2 into f+1+2 AOP1+2 90% success No No b+1 interrupts don’t bother with AoP. Make a deep sidewalk to get to their back. AoP loses to (2)1,4
Yoshimitsu SS2 or d/f+2 f,d,d/f+1 d/f+2 or f+4 Yes Yes No b+3 and b+4 (no punish guaranteed) Stick to SS2

Guests and DLC

Character Easy Punish Hard Punish Wall Rage Art Rage Drive SWL Evasive Move Notes
Akuma - - - - - - - He has to either armour with d/f+1+2 or use DP2
Anna b+2,2 into ff4 d/f+3,3,3,1 into ff3 d/b+3+4,3 or f+2+3 Yes Yes No - -
Armour King SWR b+2,1,2 Dark Upper b+3 No No No b+1+4 If using f+2,1 then delay the 1
Eliza 2,2 DP 1 b+4 DP 1 b+3,4 No - No b+1+2 Worth practising. Tailspin immediately after launch.
Fahkumram quick SS4 ff+1+2 3+4 Yes Yes No - Avoid SS4 and strings at the wall
Ganryu SS1 SWR 2,1,2 or SWR 1+2,1+2 b+1+2 Yes Yes No b,f+1 Walls can really inconvenience
Geese 2,f+1 or b+3,2 - 2,f+1 or f+4 Yes (No Rave) - No EZ PZ  
Julia b+4 SWR 1,2,1,1 or SWR 4,4,1 d+1+2 or ff+1+2 No Yes No - Very Big damage potential
Kunimitsu d/f+2 SWR jab strings f+2,3 No Yes No - Surprisingly little options and conversions
Negan d/f+2 or 4,2 into 1+2 lol 1+2 or b+1+2 Yes Yes Yes f+2+3 Alot of his movelist connects
Noctis b+4,1+2 d/b+1+2 or SWR 2,2,2,2,2 f+4,2 No Yes No - His standard launchers are extremely unreliable
Lei SS4 ff+3 3,3 Not near wall - No d/b+1+2  
Leroy 1+2,1+2,1 f,f+2,2 f,f+1+2 No No No u/f+1 Parry (+12) Alot of his movelist doesn’t work
Lidia 3:2 ff3 or b+3,4qcf1+2 or qcf2,2bff1+2 Yes (Cool Cam) Yes No -    
Marduk d/f+1 or u/f+1+2 f+3,2 b+3+4 Yes Yes No - Alot of his movelist connects
Zafina f+3 or f+2,3,4 SS1+2 into d/f+3,4 f,f+2 or ff4 Yes No Yes strange interaction with b+1+2 d/f+2 and rage drive work if the sidestep is really short