Kiungo Games announced as second African TWT stop for 2020 season

Kiungo Games was among the new tournaments revealed for the 2020 Tekken World Tour

With the release of Muay Thai powerhouse Fahkumram as the final character for Season Pass 3 of Tekken 7 around the corner, fans around the world were already itching with excitement when Bandai Namco Entertainment and Twitch revealed the locations for the 2020 season of the Tekken World Tour (TWT). The competition format was kept the same as it was last year, especially given the success of the new Dojo event system, with an overall prize pool of over $200,000 surpassing the record set last year for the tour's largest ever so far.

With Cape Town Showdown (CTS) in South Africa becoming the first ever African event to feature on the TWT last year, African fans will no doubt be even more excited this year: Kiungo Games was revealed among the TWT's new locations, with the event set to take place in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire on the weekend of 20–21 June. The Ivorian Tekken community is well known to be one of, if not the strongest on the continent; one of their strongest players, Lei main Ivoiro Akon, notably finished in the Top 32 at Evo last year.

Full list of Challenger events revealed for the 2020 Tekken World Tour

With CTS moved from early September for last year to early May for this year, Kenyan players looking to travel to both African events will be working through a relatively packed schedule, with the TEKKEN 254 Circuit also running as usual from January to August. Following SU | Darktempest's third place finish as the sole Kenyan representative at CTS last time round, the community will no doubt be looking to provide more representation and put on a strong showing at both African events this year.

If you missed it, you can watch the announcement stream in which you will find the TWT 2020 trailer, alongside more information from commentators Rip and MarkMan, as well as Tekken 7 producer Michael Murray.