Savanna FGC to partner with Rampage Esports

Savanna FGC is pleased to welcome Rampage Esports (RMP) as a community partner for the 2020 calendar year. The partnership will see the Kenya Kombat Circuit renamed the Rampage Series for the 2020 season, with RMP taking over tournament operations while Savanna FGC retains control over the overall rights to the competition, as it does with the TEKKEN 254 Circuit.

The partnership constitutes a continuation of RMP's Rampage Invitational series which ran throughout 2019, first as side tournaments at TEKKEN 254 Circuit events and later as standalone tournaments during the Circuit's off-season period (September to December). No changes to the competition format will be made for the current season, with Qualifier One having already taken place on 25 January.

Rampage Esports is an organisation that is involved with every aspect of video gaming in Kenya, seeking to empower the youth through casual gaming, recruiting pro gamers and hosting tournaments in Kenya. You can follow them on Twitter @RampageSportske and on Instagram @rampagesportske.