Qualifier Six preview: Battle for Top 16 down to the wire

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Players in action during Qualifier Four of the TEKKEN 254 Circuit this season on 4 May 2019

As AP | Mickey won with MoM | Frost in second place for the third consecutive tournament this season, Furious Monkey pulled out his best tournament performance to date to earn his first ever Top 3 finish on the Circuit at Qualifier Five on 8 June. The results on the day saw the current top 13 players on the rankings mathematically qualify for the Circuit Finals, with the remaining three slots set to be fiercely contested going into Qualifier Six.

In the Challenger Division, a third tournament win of the season for Kafikan saw him mathematically qualify for the Premier Division Playoffs, along with RMP | Komrad_Vadim and T-Vets | Defiant, who finished fifth and second at Qualifier Five respectively. However, all three players are still within reach of automatic promotion and will surely be looking to put their best foot forward to that end.

Pool A

AP | Mickey (left) and XiT | QueenArrow, playing here at Qualifier Two this season on 23 February 2019, will face off in the pool stage for the fifth time on the Circuit

Pool A is set for a fifth pool stage AlphaPlay meeting of the season, as AP | Mickey and AP | Tony gear up for their fourth battle on the Circuit (would be fifth had Tony not missed the pool stage at Qualifier Four on 4 May). T-Vets | Battousai will be looking to shake things up and force his way into Top 8, especially after beating in the tenth place playoff at Qualifier Five last month; the two have not met in the pool stage since Qualifier Two last season. Mickey will be facing Battousai on the Circuit for the first time since their Top 8 meeting at Qualifier One this season, and the first time ever in the pool stage.

Finding himself outside the top 13 of the rankings, Stanley Styler will have his work cut out for him as he challenges for a Circuit Finals place during his maiden season in the Premier Division. He is set for a second meeting with Mickey and a third with Battousai while he locks horns with Tony for the first time ever.

XiT | QueenArrow, currently trailing the Top 16 in the rankings by 14 points, finds herself in a very tough position but still with the slimmest of chances to qualify for the Circuit Finals ahead of a second Circuit meeting each with Tony, Battousai and Stanley Styler.

Pool B

MoM | Frost (left) and RMP | Shoryuken, seen here at Round One of Season One on 27 January 2018, have never met in the pool stage of a Circuit tournament

Following their nail-biting Losers' Final set at Qualifier Five, MoM | Frost and Furious Monkey will be clashing heads again for the third time in the pool stage this season, and the fifth time on the Circuit overall. Mixing it up with them in Pool B will be RMP | Shoryuken, who is set to face Furious Monkey for the fifth time on the Circuit.

Fellow Law mains RobbyM$ and T-Vets | Chuma Mzee find themselves in the same pool yet again, and would be poised for their sixth Circuit meeting had the latter been able to attend Qualifier Five. Chuma Mzee also faces an uphill battle in a tough pool if he is to qualify for the Circuit Finals, with 16 points currently separating him from the Top 16.

RobbyM$ and Shoryuken in the pool stage for the third time this season, as will Chuma Mzee and Furious Monkey; Chuma Mzee is set to face Frost for the third time on the Circuit overall. Alongside a maiden Circuit meeting with Furious Monkey, RobbyM$ will also be facing Frost for the second time this season, with the former pulling out an upset at Qualifier Four on 4 May.

Pool C

Overhaul | In4red (far left) and DVK (second from right), seen here at Round One of Season One on 27 January 2018, have faced each other on the Circuit five times so far

Pool C will kick off with DVK and Overhaul | In4red facing each other for the second consecutive tournament, after the former overcame the latter during their fifth place playoff set at Qualifier Five. Joining the fight will be AP | PR1EST, who will meet In4red in the pool stage for the second consecutive tournament and DVK for the fourth time overall.

Resting on 16th place in the rankings is T-Vets | Poker Face, who may want to replicate his performance from Qualifier Three earlier this season, where he earned his first Top 8 finish. He is set for a second meeting in the Circuit with In4red, and a third with both DVK and PR1EST.

Challenger Division newcomers Lowlife and Overhaul | Deno_dev were also drawn in Pool C but have both missed multiple tournaments this season.

Pool D

Xstar (left) and Darktempest, seen here at Qualifier Three of Season Two on 4 August 2018, are set for to meet for the third time this season

In a third case of two players meeting in the pool stage after fighting in Top 8 at Qualifier Five, Xstar will be looking to avenge his loss to Darktempest in the losers' bracket. The two will certainly not have an easy time against Lord Vega and Proto-G—who are facing each other in the pool stage for the second consecutive tournament—either. Darktempest will be getting ready for a fifth Circuit meeting with Lord Vega and a third with Proto-G, while Xstar gears up to face Proto-G in the Circuit for the fourth time overall and Lord Vega for the third time this season.

With just 2 points separating him from the Top 16, T-Vets | Nick Fury is within touching distance of qualifying for the Circuit Finals, but faces some very tough opposition at the final hurdle. He didn't win any of his previous three meetings with Xstar, nor previous four with Darktempest, nor his previous two with Vega. He can, however, draw confidence from the fact that he defeated Proto-G in their last meeting at Qualifier Four on 4 May.

Rounding off the draw in Pool D is Tiz, who looks destined for the Premier Division Playoffs at this stage having missed every tournament in the current season so far.