TEKKEN 254 restructuring; recruiting volunteer judges

Left to right: Davy Kamanzi and Nathan Amba of TEKKEN 254 with Ace Pro Gaming's Fanuel Opiyo at the Season Two Finals of the TEKKEN 254 Circuit on 1 September 2018

With a view to making our events and the organisation as a whole more efficient, TEKKEN 254 (registered as Tekken Two-Five-Four Gaming) has seen a slight change in its organisational structure that has taken place with immediate effect.

Founder and President Davy Kamanzi (a.k.a DVK) will henceforth serve as Founder and Managing Director and continue his role in finding sponsors for the TEKKEN 254 Circuit and overseeing the general direction of the organisation, among other duties.

Vice President Nathan Amba (a.k.a Lord Vega) will henceforth serve as Director of Tournament Operations (DTO). The purpose of his new role is to ensure the smooth running and success of tournaments organised by TEKKEN 254.

To assist him with his new role, Nathan is currently looking for three volunteer judges to monitor matches at tournaments and report the results to officials from Ace Pro Gaming, whose partnership with TEKKEN 254 includes their responsibility for tracking tournament statistics. Candidates should possess good time management, strong verbal and written communication skills and a willingness to work as part of a team. They should also ideally be avid players of fighting games, though this is not essential.

If you are interested in being a volunteer tournament judge for TEKKEN 254, get in touch with Nathan by email at nathan.amba@tekken254.co.ke or by text or phone call at 0706 842 424.