Goodbye PR1EST, Hello Kolovrat

AlphaPlay | PR1EST in action during the Finals for Season Two of the TEKKEN 254 Circuit on 1 September 2018

William Omondi, better known (previously) as PRIEST and PR1EST, announced in an Instagram post earlier Thursday that he will be known henceforth as Kolovrat (or AlphaPlay | Kolovrat). The Jack-7, Bryan and Kuma/Panda player drew the name from Evpaty Kolovrat, a medieval Russian bogatyr (knight) described in The Tale of the Destruction of Ryazan as a brave warrior who died fighting the Mongol army led by Batu Khan after the Siege of Ryazan in December 1237.

An active member of the organised Kenyan Tekken community since its early days in late 2017, Omondi quickly established himself as one of Kenya's top players in Season One of the TEKKEN 254 Circuit as PRIEST, notably earning a second-place finish in Round Three on his way to fifth place overall with 81 points, winning 12 sets and losing 6 in the process.

A week after the Final Round of Season One at the East African Gaming Convention on 31 March 2018, PRIEST headed for the pan-African Mortal Kombat XL tournament organised by Pro Series Gaming as a sponsored player under Two Digital Ideas. He brushed aside competitors from Zambia, Uganda and Malawi as well as Kenya, and despite ultimately losing the Grand Final against Mr 5000 of Zambia's Team Gematrix, PRIEST earned continental praise and recognition for his performances and won himself a whopping Ksh. 200,000 for finishing in second place.

Prior to Season Two of the TEKKEN 254 Circuit, PRIEST stylised his pseudonym to PR1EST and signed with Kenyan eSports team AlphaPlay alongside the Circuit's defending champion Mickey and the formidable Simba, as well as Mortal Kombat player SlyFacEd. Tardiness in Qualifier One meant AlphaPlay | PR1EST could only manage to finish 13th, but fifth and eighth place finishes in Qualifiers Two and Three respectively secured him qualification to the Finals in ninth overall with 49 points. Finding impressive form at the Savanna Majors on 1 September 2018, PR1EST could only be stopped by his team-mate Mickey on the day as he won himself a brand new gaming headset in second place.

AlphaPlay | Kolovrat will surely be a force to be reckoned with and one of a few players in the community who could pry the Circuit title away from AlphaPlay | Mickey's hands in Season Three. You can follow him on Instagram @1053kolovratl and on Twitter @1053kolovratL.

(Note: Omondi has since changed his pseudonym back from Kolovrat to PR1EST.)