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The Hall of Pain (HoP) is a leaderboard where the players of the TEKKEN 254 community can challenge each other for their ranks and bragging rights. If you would like to join the HoP, send us an enquiry by filling in our contact form.


  1. Set lengths
    For each HoP challenge, sets must run as follows:

    - ± 1 rank = FT5
    - ± 2 ranks = FT7
    - ± 3 ranks = FT10

    Should the challenger win the set, they shall claim the rank of the challenged. Should the challenged win the set, they shall maintain their current rank. Players may add their own forfeits (e.g. money) to challenges if they wish.


  2. Double or nothing
    The loser of the set may challenge their opponent to a "double or nothing" set for a second chance at (re)claiming the opponent's rank for a win. However, losing this set shall result in a demotion of one rank on the leaderboard.

  3. Cooldown time
    Existing players may only participate in one challenge every 3 days.


  4. Newcomers
    Newcomers to the HoP may challenge the highest-ranked player within the light blue ranks (Grand Master) to a FT10 for their rank. Winning the set will allow them to challenge the highest-ranked player in the next category (green ranks, then yellow ranks, etc.) until they lose, at which point they enter the leaderboard at the top of the previous category (e.g. if they lose the green rank challenge, they enter at the top of light blue ranks).

    Should the newcomer lose their first set, they shall enter the HoP at the bottom of the leaderboard.


  5. Inactivity
    Existing players who do not participate in at least one challenge over a period of 30 days shall be demoted by three ranks on the leaderboard. 

Current rankings