Tekken notation chart


1 Left punch 2 Right punch
3 Left kick 4 Right kick
f Forward F Hold forward
d Down D Hold down
b Back B Hold back
u Up U Hold up
d/f Down-forward D/F Hold down-forward
d/b Down-back D/B Hold down-back
u/f Up-forward U/F Hold up-forward
u/b Up-back U/B Hold up-back
qcf Quarter-circle forward (d, d/f, f) qcb Quarter-circle back (d, d/b, b)
hcf Half-circle forward (b, d/b, d, d/f, f) hcb Half-circle back (f, d/f, d, d/b, b)

Other input notations

FC Full crouch (while crouching) WS While standing (while rising)
WR While running SS Sidestep
SSL Sidestep left SSR Sidestep right
SW Sidewalk SWL Sidewalk left
SWR Sidewalk right n or N Neutral input (no directional input)
, Followed by ˜ Immediately followed by
+ At the same time as _ Or
= Next input in sequence < Next input can be delayed
( ) or [ ] Optional input : Just frame input
* or ° Push and hold

Hit levels

h High H Hits high and grounded opponents
m Mid M Hits mid and grounded opponents
l Low L Hits low and grounded opponents
Sm Special mid (block low or mid) SM Hits special mid and grounded opponents
! Unblockable [!] Unblockable; hits grounded opponents
(!) Unblockable high " Indicates blockable hit during string

Grounded positions

PLD Play dead Face up, feet away (FUFA)
KND Knockdown Face up, feet towards (FUFT)
SLD Slide Face down, feet away (FDFA)
FCD Face down Face down, feet towards (FDFT)

Move properties

BT Back turned to the opponent FF Facing the opponent
OB Forces the opponent's back to face you OS Forces the opponent's side to face you
OH On hit OC or s Forces the opponent to crouch
CH Requires a counter hit JG Juggle starter (launcher)
RC Move recovers in crouch a Knocks back the opponent; subsequent hit floats on neutral guard
g Opponent may block afterwards k Spins a standing opponent
DS Double over stun FS Fall back stun
MS Minor stun KS Kneel stun
CS Crumple stun CF Crumple fall
CFS Crumple fall stun BS Block stuns attacking character (e.g. Law's d/b+4)
SH Stagger hit GB Guard break
TT Throw transition (results in a throw on hit) HA Homing attack
TC Technically crouching (crushes highs) TJ Technically jumping (crushes lows)
S! Screw attack (T7) B! Bound attack (T6 and TTT2)
F! Floor/balcony break W! Wall splat/wall carry
[2] Hit modifier; e.g. RC[2] - second hit recovers in crouch j Joystick (directional) modifier; i.e. RCj - holding D during the move makes it recover in crouch
cs Crouching state, e.g. cs4~ - character is in a crouching state from the 4th frame onwards js Jumping state, e.g. js9~ - character is in a jumping state from the 9th frame onwards
ar Airborne state, e.g. ar~14 - character is in an airborne state until the 14th frame pc Power crush (armour), e.g. pc8~17 - armour is active from the 8th to the 17th frame
c Counter hit modifier; e.g. JGc - juggle starter on counter hit co Crouching opponent modifier; e.g. KSco - kneel stuns a crouching opponent
cco Crouching opponent counter hit modifier; e.g. KScco - kneel stuns a crouching opponent on counter hit

Common abbreviations

CC Crouch cancel FC u_FC f, f
CD Crouch dash Usually f, n, d, d/f
iWS Instant while standing Usually d, d/b, n_d, d/f, n
iWR Instant while running f, f, f
TGF Thunder God Fist (Dragon Uppercut) f, n, d, D/F+1 (Devil Jin, Heihachi or Kazuya)
OTGF Omen Thunder God Fist f, n, d/f+1 (Heihachi)
WGF Wind God Fist f, n, d, D/F+2 (Devil Jin, Heihachi or Kazuya)
WHF Wind Hook Fist f, n, d, D/F+2 (Jin)
EWGF Electric Wind God Fist f, n, d, d/f+2 (Devil Jin, Heihachi or Kazuya)
EWHF Electric Wind Hook Fist f, n, d, d/f+2 (Jin)
JFSR Just Frame Sky Rocket f, n, d/f+4 (Hwoarang)
RDC Rolling Death Cradle f, n, d, d/f+1+4 = 2, 1, 1+2+3 = 1+3, 3+4, 2+4, 1+2, 1+2+3 (King)
FADC Focus Attack Dash Cancel 1+2, f, f (Akuma)
DP Dragon punch f, d, d/f+1_2_1+2 (Akuma, Eliza or Geese)
big Big character combo Works on big characters (i.e. Gigas, Jack-7, Kuma, Marduk, Panda)

Character-specific states and stances (Tekken 7)

Akuma AIR Airborne (after jumping)
DFLIP Demon Flip (Hyakkishu; before hit)
TPORT Teleport (Ashura Senku)
Alisa Boscnovitch DBT Dual Boot
DES Destructive Form
SBT Single Boot
Anna Williams CJM Chaos Judgement
Asuka Kazama LCT Leg Cutter
Bob Richards BAL Spinner Ball
Bryan Fury GUP During Right Upper (WS 2)
TNT Taunt
Claudio Serafino STB Starburst
Devil Jin FLY Fly
Eddy Gordo HSP Handstand Position (Handstand)
RLX Relaxed Position (Negativa)
Eliza DW Dark Wave
MG Moon Glide
Feng Wei KNP Kenpo Step (Deceptive Step)
STC Shifting Clouds
Ganryu SIT Sit
TAI Tachiai
Geese Howard MAX MAX Mode
Gigas GOL Goliath
SG Golem Set Up
Heihachi Mishima HS Hellsweep (Spinning Demon)
RAI Raijin Stance
Hwoarang LFF Left Foot Forward (Left Stance)
RFF Right Foot Forward (Right Stance)
LFS Left Flamingo Stance (LFS)
RFS Right Flamingo Stance (RFS)
Jack-7 CSK Cossack Kicks
Jin Kazama CDS Crouching Demon Stance (Mental Alertness 2)
ZEN Zenshin
Josie Rizal SWB Sway Back
SWS Switch Stance
Julia Chang CES Clockwise Evasive Spin (Wind Roll)
Katarina Alves HAR Harrier
Kazumi Mishima RSS Fearless Warrior
Kazuya Mishima DVK Devil Kazuya (after Devil Transformation)
King ALI Alley Kicks (Stagger Kicks)
JGS Jaguar Step
Kuma/Panda HBS Hunting Bear Stance (Hunting)
ROL Forward Roll
Kunimitsu KAT Katon
MUS Musasabi
SET Setsunagake
Lars Alexandersson DEN Dynamic Entry
SEN Silent Entry
Marshall Law DFS Dragon Fake Step (Fake Step)
DSS Dragon Sign Stance (Dragon Charge)
Lee Chaolan HMS Hitman Stance
MS Mist Step
Lei Wulong CRA Five Gates Form - Crane
DGN Five Gates Form - Dragon
DRU Drunken Master Walk
PAN Five Gates Form - Panther
PHX Phoenix Illusion
RLX Relaxed Position (Sidewind/Play Dead)
SIT SNA Sitting Snake (after d/b+1_KND RLX 3+4_TGR 3, F)
SNA Five Gates Form - Snake
TGR Five Gates Form - Tiger
TOR Tornado Kick
Leo Kliesen BOK Fo Bu
KNK Jin Ji Du Li
Leroy Smith HRM Hermit
Lidia Sobieska CFO Cat Foot One (Cat Foot Stance I)
CFT Cat Foot Two (Cat Foot Stance II)
HAE Heaven and Earth
TAW Tiger and Wolf (Pouncing Tiger, Stalking Wolf)
UP Upper Parry
Lucky Chloe SCT Scoot
TWISTL Left Twist
TWISTR Right Twist
Craig Marduk VTS Vale Tudo Stance (Ready Position)
Master Raven HAZ Haze
PHR Phantom Roll (3~4, F_BT f, f, f_BT 3, 4, 4, F_BT f+3+4, F)
Miguel Caballero Rojo SAV Savage Stance
Negan INT Intimidation
Shaheen SNK Sneak Step (Stealth Step)
Steve Fox ALB Albatross (Quick Spin)
DCK Ducking
Ext DCK Extended Ducking (Ducking In)
FLK Flicker Stance
LWV Left Weave (Ducking Left)
PAB Peekaboo
RWV Right Weave (Ducking Right)
SWY Swaying
Ling Xiaoyu AOP Art of Phoenix (Phoenix)
HYP Hypnotist
RDS Rain Dance Stance (Rain Dance)
Yoshimitsu DGF Dragonfly (Manji Dragonfly)
FLE Flea
IND Indian Stance
INS Indian Stance Healing
KIN Kincho
MED Meditation
NSS No Sword Stance (Mutou no Kiwami)
PDP Bad Stomach
WFL Walking Flea (Flea Step)
Zafina MNT Mantis Stance
SCR Scarecrow Stance
TRT Tarantula Stance