The first competition of its kind in East Africa, the TEKKEN 254 Circuit is a Tekken eSports league bringing together newcomers as well as experienced players. The Circuit aims to give Tekken fans in Kenya an opportunity to compete with like-minded gamers on a regular basis, all while earning some money and exposing themselves to Tekken enthusiasts across the globe; gameplay from all matches are recorded and uploaded onto our YouTube channel.

Season One of the Circuit ran from 27 January to 31 March 2018, with 3 preliminary tournaments culminating in a final showdown at the East African Gaming Convention (EAGC). Competitors earned a set number of points based on their final position at a tournament, with the top 3 players in the overall ranking at the end of the season winning a total of Ksh. 50,000 in prize money.


Season Two of the Circuit ran from 7 July to 1 September 2018, with changes to the competition format introduced to intensify competition. Players competed in three qualifiers across two divisions (Premier and Challenger), with the top 16 in the Premier Division advancing to the Circuit Finals to compete for sponsored prizes. Visit the Circuit archive to view all results, rankings and match replays from previous tournaments.

Season Three of the Circuit ran from 26 January to 3 August 2019, running for eight months as opposed to the previous three. 20 players returned to the Premier Division alongside the four winners of the Premier Division Playoffs from Season Two, while the four losers of the Premier Division Playoffs and other new players joined the Challenger Division.

The Circuit returns for Season Four, with the termination of the two-division system among major changes made to the competition format to enhance the playing experience. This season also sees the introduction of the Kenya Kombat Circuit (known as the Rampage Series for 2020 as part of a partnership with Rampage Esports), a Mortal Kombat eSports league modelled on the TEKKEN 254 Circuit, which begins with Season One. The top 16 ranked players at the end of the six qualifiers overall for both games shall qualify for the Circuit Finals in August 2020.

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DeCodEd Africa supports esports digital communities by providing them with the infrastructure and structure to be unified, sustainable and scalable:

  • An accessible space with a strong internet connection where esports communities can host anything from meetups, hackathons to workshops.

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Rampage Esports is an organisation that is involved with every aspect of video gaming in Kenya. It seeks to empower the youth through casual gaming, recruiting pro gamers and hosting tournaments in Kenya.


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