The Beginning

TEKKEN 254 (pronounced "tekken two five four") is a venture under the Savanna FGC brand seeking to grow the Tekken community and establish a competitive Tekken scene in Kenya. Founded on 20 August 2017 by Davy Kamanzi, it was initially started as a Facebook group to gather fellow Tekken fans and share knowledge and ideas on the game, including through a weekly tutorial series entitled Defensive Tuesdays.

In October 2017, TEKKEN 254 began a partnership with Ace Pro Gaming, an eSports management firm equally as enthusiastic about growing the gaming scene in Kenya. On 4 November 2017, the two joined forces to hold TEKKEN 254's first tournament at the Tric Gaming Café on Moi Avenue with a total prize pool of Ksh. 20,000, attracting 46 registrations and ultimately 24 confirmed participants.

Played in the double-elimination format, players were split into two pools of 12, with 4 players advancing to the top 8 from each pool: 2 in the winners' bracket and 2 in the losers' bracket. After hours of intense competition, Mickey emerged the winner, taking the Ksh. 10,000 first prize after finishing the tournament unbeaten on sets and having suffered only one match loss, which came in the Grand Final against runner-up Tiz who went home with Ksh. 7,000.

Davy finished third but, having taken part in the organisation of the tournament, decided to make himself ineligible for any prize money. The Ksh. 3,000 third prize was forfeited to fourth-placed Shoryuken, who lost to Davy in the Winners' Semi-Final and later to Tiz in the Losers' Semi-Final after beating Dice1533 in Losers' Round 2.

Following the November tournament, community members took part in the Tekken 7 tournament at MJX (the Movie Jabber Expo) on 19 November 2017 and a casual bragging rights tournament on 2 December 2017, the results of which were used to seed players for Season One of the TEKKEN 254 Circuit in January 2018.

TEKKEN 254 became a registered business under the name "TEKKEN Two-Five-Four Gaming" on 15 December 2017. In September 2021, the business was folded, with the Savanna FGC brand integrated as part of a newly-registered company, Ace Pro Sports Technologies Limited.

Behind the Scenes

Savanna FGC is run by a small administrative team, which oversees the running of competitions/events, creation of content for social platforms and engagement with the community.

Davy Kamanzi, also known as DVK, Founder of TEKKEN 254 and Director of Connectivity, Technology and Community Relations at Ace Pro Sports Technologies

Davy Kamanzi / DVK

Director, Ace Pro Sports Technologies

After spending 2 years living in the UK, Davy returned to Kenya 2 months after the release of Tekken 7 to find a seemingly non-existent Tekken community. With no one else organising Tekken tournaments, he took it upon himself to rally the local community and find other Tekken enthusiasts he could not only share information and level up with, but also compete against on a regular basis.

Now serving as Director of Connectivity, Technology and Community Relations at Ace Pro Sports Technologies, Davy's first experience with the series involved mashing 3 and 4 with Christie on the Tekken 4 demo. He picked up Jin in Tekken 5 and has played him as his main ever since.

Fanuel Opiyo, Co-founder and Director of Leagues and Business at Ace Pro Sports Technologies

Fanuel Opiyo

Director, Ace Pro Sports Technologies

Fanuel gained an interest in competitive gaming in 2013 and saw to it himself to grow the scene in his country. With a growing interest in and understanding of competitive gaming, he and his partners Charles and Jairus looked to form Ace Pro Gaming to help grow the gaming communities that already existed in Kenya.

A prinicipal co-founder of Ace Pro Gaming (now Ace Pro Sports Technologies), Fanuel serves as the company's Director of Leagues and Business.

Daniel Juma, Chief Executive Officer at JD Photography and Director of Media at Ace Pro Sports Technologies

Daniel Juma

Director, Ace Pro Sports Technologies

Juma is an all-round photographer with a bias towards event photography. Freezing moments forever is his specialty in the world we live in; people say art is everywhere and a photographer is only a witness.

Juma became interested in covering eSports to capture moments that tell gaming stories to the world: the rewards, the accomplishment and the fun times. He currently serves as the Director of Media at Ace Pro Sports Technologies.

Emmanuel Batte, graphic designer at Ace Pro Sports Technologies

Emmanuel Batte

Graphic Designer, Ace Pro Sports Technologies

Emmanuel is a graphic designer who, in his own words, "creates thoughtful experiences and propels brands with soul and substance." Gaming has been a great part of his life for as long as he can remember, playing Super Mario, Prince of Persia and many other titles through the years on most consoles, though he primarily plays on PC.

Emmanuel is a fan of shooters and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).